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Cannabis Delivery Has Become The New Affordable Way To Access Humboldt County's Cannabis Products Easily & Efficiently. Everyone Wants To Have Access To The Farmer & This Is What You Get With Cannabis Delivery. As A Delivery Service We Have Contact With Dozens Of Cannabis Farms & Product's. Giving You The Ability To Simply Stay At Home, Order & Enjoy Not Having To Commute To Get Your Cannabis. Therefore Next All You Need Is Top Shelf Cannabis & Low Donation Cost & Boom! Your Set!! 

The Humboldt Priceless Solution Will Beat Your Expectations & Provide Safe Humboldt County Medical Cannabis To Your Door Step. So Important To Be Able To Access Cannabis Easily & We Are Going To Lead Humboldt County Medical Cannabis Delivery Services By Cheapest Donations Needed To Stay Alive & Maintain A REAL NON FOR PROFIT...... We Deliver Medical Marijuana To Trinidad, Mckinleyville, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna & Willow Creek California Based On Location & Minimum Amount Needed To Deliver.

Cannabis Delivery Saves You Time, Money, Searching For Meds, Gas & More. It's No Brainer Really!!!

Why Delivery Is Safer?

So Being A Medical Cannabis Patient In Humboldt County Is Great Do To Easy Access To Lot's Of Medical Cannabis. There Are Safe Ways To Access And Not Safe. So Let's Point Out The Obvious Non Safe Actions. First Driving With Cannabis Is A Risk Even When Medical. If Stopped By The Police & He Believes Your On Cannabis. There Is Chance Of DUI. Higher Chance With It Going Legal. Plus By Law You Can Only Possess 28.5 Grams Of Cannabis. Well What If You Get A Edible That's 28 Grams Plus Cannabis? You Could Be Charged By Prop 64. Its Up To The Police Officer But Still A Risk To Be Informed About. Another Risk Is Children Access Cannot Be Allowed Or Even Within Arm's Reach EVER!! This Is A Safety Not Only For The Child But For The Parents. So They Never Have To Risk Losing A Child For A Plant That Couldn't Kill The Child. As We All Know Cannabis Isn't Lethal. Still Never Have Near Or Around Children!!!! Driving Under The Influence Of Cannabis Is Not Allowed By Law Or Smart In Any Way!!! DO NOT DRIVE ON CANNABIS!!! Just Be Smart My Friend's And Member's. Do Not Make Unsafe Or Just Not Smart Decisions With Cannabis. There Is Always A Risk Of Injury Or Arrest. The Humboldt Priceless Solution We Can Help You Avoid Any Risk & Maintain A Professional Relationship With Top Shelf Cannabis. SIMPLY CALL 707-683-6395 TO JOIN OR FOR ANY QUESTIONS.